Suzuki Songstar Harmonica with Leather Case

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Suzuki SCN-48 Songstar 24 Hole Chromatic Harmonica

Chromatic harmonica without valves

Normal chromatic harmonica have 4 reeds to each hole. For producing a single note sound, valves are

attached to the plates for blocking sounds of other notes. Valves are delicate parts and therefore need

more attention for maintenance. The SCN-48 has no valves included, due to two reeds being used in

each hole. Therefore, it is easy maintenance and handling.

High Air Tightness Plastic Mouthpiece.

Mouthpieces for Slider chromatic harmonica normally use metal material for solidity and air-tightness.

However, we have developed a new structured plastic mouthpiece (Patent pending ) which overcomes

the difficulties associated (that they have a tendency to make a center gap). We now have similar air

tightness with our new mouthpiece compared to a conventional metal mouthpiece.

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